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This blog seeks to explore the interface of science, technology, philosophy, theology and history (data) with current events (life), also known as, “where the rubber meets the road.”  Posts here will generally fall into one of three categories:

1. essays seeking to reveal the interconnectivity in the aforementioned disciplines to current events;
2. summaries and pointers to others making such connections;
3. stress relief posts demonstrating this blog author’s warped sense of humor, generally with the teeth of truth lending that little extra bite.

Throughout this site, emphasis is placed on critical thinking, with discussion at DH4-6 levels (see the "Disagree?" page for details and definitions).  DH0-3 level comments are highly discouraged, soundly castigated, or otherwise ignored depending on the level of inanity to which the culprit sinks.  Which is not to say that humor that appears to be DH0-3  will not appear here at times.  But it should be obvious that it is humor.

Returning to critical thinking, I like Bill Whittle’s definition thereof:

"the ability to analyze data, determine its usefulness and fidelity…to assess reliability, question methodology, and weight expertise."

In short, to exercise discernment.

The author is a conservative Ph.D. in science with over three decades of training and experience formulating, evaluating, and either verifying or abandoning his own theories based on the motto, “In God we trust…all others bring data,” or, as more eloquently stated by Daniel P. Moynihan, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

A word about why I have chosen to remain anonymous on this blog (and elsewhere on the web) as I have seen some alleged criticism of those who do so.  It is argued that, if you really believe what you write, you should have the moral courage to own it in your own name.  The problem with this assertion is that it ignores the reality of the existence of wackos and liberals (although that appears to be redundant, the two categories do not fully overlap) who cannot bear even the existence of opinions which differ from their own, let alone their publication, and who will, therefore, go to great lengths to sabotage and intimidate and silence, potentially to the point of threatening family and/or employers.  For two examples of such out of control groups, consider homosexual activists and Islamofascists.

Let me be clear that I alone am responsible for the content of this blog (as long as it has not been hacked) and I stand behind it 100%.  Furthermore, my purpose is to inform, never to just be offensive, and if how I say something offends you, I am open to discussion and correction within the parameters of DH4-6 disagreement.  If what I have to say offends you, please do a reality check and then engage me at the DH4-6 levels of argumentation (also know as “putting your mind in gear before putting the mouth [or the keyboard] into motion”), and we can have a rollicking good time.  To conclude this point, to protect my family and my employer, and to encourage engagement with the ideas expressed rather than the person, I will remain anonymous here, thank you very much.

Since emphasis is placed on quality and not quantity, the reader is advised to drop by with the realization that nothing new might be found if done too frequently.  No apology is made for this since this blog is a hobby and not a vocation.  Still I hope you will find it profitable to stop by regularly (or to subscribe for automatic alerts to new content) and comment frequently.

For offline discussions, I can be reached at theinterface.townhall@gmail.com

Come, let us reason together.

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