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Once more into the breach…

No, I’m not announcing my candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination.  Someone needs to be left in the stands to actually vote!

But, we are coming up to another watershed presidential election and there is much hanging in the balance.  I find, looking back at what I’ve previously posted over the years, and particularly those posts listed in my Best Of… series over on the sidebar, that many of the topics I’ve analyzed and otherwise covered are still running rampant through our collective culture and in many cases appear to have metastasized into even more virulent forms.  Common sense has become nearly extinct in the public venues where it is needed most.

I have not been very active on this blog in recent years, largely as explained earlier, because I’ve been in a job where I work directly with the next generation as an educator where I can dispense what I’ve learned in a multiplicity of ways and more directly than a blog visited by only a few (Hello?  Anyone out there?  Hello?).

That said, many of my, IMHO, more insightful analyses were posted on my Townhall blog where I started this whole adventure and are, alas, no longer available.  One of the reasons I moved to WordPress was because it let me retain ownership of my postings, complete with copyright rights thereunto.  The Townhall blog was run by the Salem Web Network and they claimed the copyright ownership of all content.  Thus, they were perfectly in their rights to shut down the entire Townhall blog platform, which they did, most likely because it was not worth their time and effort to provide the clunky service they were providing when so many other sites such as WordPress were beating the pants off them in terms of the ease of use and service they could provide (i.e., the Townhall blog platform was a dud and a headache to maintain).

What this all means is that I am proposing to repost my Best Of… posts while updating my sidebar list to include the Best Of… more recent years.  I also hope to repost the two series I started so I can finish them, and then the series that I did complete on Neil Postman’s book.  All these items I believe will be helpful to readers seeking to engage the culture in an intelligent fashion while trying to maintain their own personal sanity particularly in this election cycle.  There are some additional links in the other pages that I probably need to check and update as appropriate.  And I might even be able to post a few new analyses on current events.  I don’t know how fast I will be able to do all this, but this is my goal for the upcoming months.  I will appreciate any feedback any readers out there will be willing to give in the comments section of these posts.  And we shall see how good a prophet I turn out to be (please, do not stone me if I fail; I am not claiming infallibility with this prophecy).

Come, let reason together…

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