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Random Thoughts

Thomas Sowell’s column of Random Thoughts today is, as usual, filled with much common sense, but one paragraph particularly caught my attention as unusually humorous that I just had to share:

It has long been my belief that the sight of a good-looking woman lowers a man’s IQ by at least 20 points. A man who doesn’t happen to have 20 points he can spare can be in big trouble.

And then there’s this classic:

Despite political differences, it is hard not to feel sorry for White House press secretary Jay Carney, for all the absurdities his job requires him to say with a straight face. What is he going to do when this administration is over? Wear a disguise, change his name or be put into a witness protection program?

I vote for a witness protection program myself!



Problem Solved!

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Now that I have your attention, I will confess to using only half the title:  Dr. Sowell’s most recent essay is on “Sex and the Military,” and, as usual, serves up a large portion of what should be common sense and logic.  It is an exposure of the stupidity of political correctness that needs to be trumpeted loud and long.  To whet your appetite, pique your interest, and otherwise attempt to induce you to read the whole thing:

There seems to be something liberating about ignorance and inexperience. You are free to believe whatever you want to, unencumbered by hard facts and, if you have political power, to impose your headstrong ignorance on those with first-hand knowledge.

This is unfortunately a far too accurate description of the current state of the allegedly progressive left.  Their progress is an advance to the rear (but not surprising since their commander-in-chief prefers to lead from the rear!).  Dr. Sowell’s conclusion is logical and we can already see it coming to pass.  The cancer is metastasizing at a rapid rate; the prognosis is not good.

A more insidious consequence of having ignorant civilians micro-managing the military is that the caliber of a nation’s military leaders can be affected when generals have to pass through filters for political correctness to reach the top.

That means losing people whose only abilities are in winning wars with minimum casualties, or preventing wars by knowing the right deployment of the right forces. Top military talent is no more common than any other kind of top talent — and the stakes are too high to filter out that talent with requirements that generals be able to pretend to do the impossible on sexual issues.