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I’m Back…sorta…kinda…maybe…

Things are calming down a little (translation:  we’ve unpacked and gotten rid of most of the boxes from moving) and I am settling in to my new job.  But there is still soooo much to do!

When I first started this blog several years ago, my goal was to contribute to the general dialog most often with unique analysis and commentary on some issues while just pointing to others who were doing a better job on most other issues.  In short, I desired to communicate with my fellow humans some of what God had shown me that I wasn’t seeing elsewhere.  (See the …Why Blog page under About)  Thus, for example, my series on Neil Postman’s book that started my first efforts.  I now find my full time job fulfills this function:  I am teaching and mentoring students at a major Christian liberal arts university, and the demands on my time will make my contributions here increasingly hard to accomplish.  I am not throwing in the towel or closing this blog, merely forewarning any readers still there that my return will be accompanied with an even slower publication of content than previously and, while you’re welcome to simply stop by, you might be better served by subscribing to the blog so when I do post, you’ll get a little email and can come over.

As one additional reminder, as I stated here, the content of future post will be changing:  less political and more “spiritual” in the Christian sense.  You are welcome to unsubscribe should this kind of content not be that for which you are looking in your reading.  No problem.  I understand.  For those looking for more political commentary and analysis, I would point you to Townhall.com.  Their blog platform stinks, but the content otherwise is very well done.  And that is where I’ve gotten my political cartoons in the past (and probably will in the future).

So, I have returned…sorta…kinda…maybe…?

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