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House has sold, Sabbatical in progress, Insanity in the works…

Ladies and Gentlemen, if anyone is there, the situation described here has now come to pass.  A miracle has happened and our house in Chicagoland has sold, initiating a sequence of events that will make it a miraculous if any of my little grey cells survive intact.  The logistic nightmare of selling a house, looking for a house half way across the country, buying a house, moving the contents of the house, retiring from a job of 25+ years, and starting up a new one is definitely crossing my eyes and introducing a level of stress in my life not previously encountered.

I realize others have done it, and after all is said and done, we will be in a better position than we are now (or I wouldn’t be crazy enough to do all this), but for now, blogging and surfing the ‘net will have to wait until life calms down.

I shall return!

Until then, y’all behave yourselves, yah hear now?!

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