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The Consequence of an Ideology

First, read the story:

"Last week in Boston, a seven-year-old boy named Mark got into a fight with a bully. The bully put his hands around the boy’s throat and began to squeeze. That’s when Mark fought back; he kicked his aggressor right in the family jewels. In a normal society, we’d celebrate Mark. Throw him a ticker tape parade or something. … But in Boston, Mark was charged with sexual assault. … [The left] treat all violence as equal … and so they recommend counseling and training, as though a little classroom instruction can solve boys’ basic biological urge toward aggression. … The left has instead come up with an alternative solution: eunichism. … We will teach them that fighting bullies is the same as being a bully. … Jerry Sandusky wasn’t going to stop raping little boys based on taking a few seminars — but Mike McQueary was going to avoid reporting that rape to police if he was trained into spinelessness by the surrounding culture. … The fact is that males’ aggressive instinct is good for the world, if channeled properly. Without it, Hitler goes unpunished. Without it, millions continue to starve in the Soviet Union. The key to the aggressive instinct is training it to act along proper moral lines, not eradicating it." –columnist Ben Shapiro

I agree 110%.  The problem is, there must be morals to act upon, and morals imply a standard external to the mighty exalted self of today’s culture.  Good heavens!  It might even be God!!!  And since we can’t have that, we are doomed, indeed, unless and until this society and culture gets pushed back to its Christian foundations.  (Note:  this can be done without pushing “religion” down people’s throats.  Christian morality encompasses most of what most atheists believe to be in their best interests anyway…they just don’t have a foundation for saying so.  [Um…yes, that’s a rather short, concise generalization, but a full explanation would be another whole post.]  You know, things like doing unto others as you would have them do unto you….)

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