Ah! Charades!

I seem to be on a Sowell “kick” just now, but he’s giving us soooo much good information and analysis and demonstrating so clearly what “critical thinking” is all about when applied to the current political milieu.  Over at NRO, he starts today’s analysis with this gem (emphases added):

Many people are lamenting the failure of the congressional “supercommittee” to come up with an agreement on ways to reduce the runaway federal deficits. But you cannot judge success or failure without knowing what the goal was.

Perhaps you would think this to be obvious, but a common strategy is to lie about or otherwise obfuscate your true goals.  Goals, like definitions, must be clearly stated and held in common if true progress is to be made.  His conclusion regarding the topic under discussion?

If you think the goal was to solve the country’s fiscal crisis, then obviously the supercommittee was a complete failure. But, if you think the goal was to improve the chances of the Obama administration being reelected in 2012, it was a complete success.

He then goes on to explain in terms even the semi-brain dead can understand (which is one of Dr. Sowell’s strong points, the ability to communicate complex ideas simply) how he arrived at that conclusion.  Go read the whole thing, now!

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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