Doing your homework

Obama’s current plan to make “the rich” pay “their fair share” hinges on you, the people, being ignorant and accepting his assessment at face value.  Jeffrey Anderson has done the homework for you, complete with the appropriate links to the data.  The title of his essay tells it all:

Top 0.1 Percent Pays More Income Tax than Bottom 80 Percent

So, most of “The One’s” blather is just that, pablum for the left divorced from the world we live in.

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

“The Rich” already pay more than “their fair share,” unless your definition of “fair” is skewed beyond the realms of reality.

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Which, alas, is the mindset of all too many Americans.

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

  1. 22 Sep 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Interface, these are just too good and you need to stop putting up such hysterical material. I’m going to laugh myself sick — haha Actually, the top toon is almost too close to reality to laugh at now that I think about it again — egads.

    Also, given the particular manner in which your mind operates, thought you might enjoy the following post —

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