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Classic “non compos mentis”

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Extreme Fecklessness on Parade

24 Jun 2011 1 comment

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

As noted at the Patriot Post:

The 28 member nations of the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced the release of 60 million barrels of oil reserves over the next 30 days to put downward pressure on oil prices. The Obama administration said that 30 million barrels would come from our domestic Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which currently holds 727 million barrels. The IEA claims the release is because of disruption of supply due to events in Libya. However, Libya produces just 2 percent of the world’s oil (1.5 million barrels per day), most of which goes to Europe. Perhaps replacing that much will have a positive short-term effect (oil did drop $5 a barrel on the news), but it’s not a solution to the problem of high oil prices, or for Obama’s sagging poll numbers.

In 2000, Bill Clinton likewise released 30 million barrels of SPR oil over 30 days. As a result, the average price of gasoline fell by just one cent. By law, we must replace these 30 million barrels later, too, which means we’re pouring oil from the deep end of the well into the shallow end. Instead of gimmicks like this one, the administration should remove restrictions to onshore and offshore drilling. Experts say that Alaska’s wildlife reserve could supply one million barrels of oil every day. We know that "supply-side economics" is to leftists what holy water is to demons, but in this case and in so many others, it’s the best answer. And adding supply for 30 days that must be demanded back later isn’t it.

Fecklessness at the Helm

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The Real Problem with ATMs

(HT:  Blackfive)…from Peter Kirsanow:

. . . is not so much that they destroy jobs, but that in at least 50 of 57 states you can’t conduct transactions in Austrian, making it difficult to withdraw enough cash to spread the wealth around to Midwesterners, who then become bitter and cling to guns and religion and antipathy toward people who aren’t like your doctor, who you can keep (if you like him) but you probably won’t because for extra cash he unnecessarily performs tonsillectomies and amputates the feet of people from Kansas, where a while back 10,000 were killed by a tornado that also air-raided villages and killed civilians in Afghanistan, from which we need to begin withdrawing troops by July so we can use the funds to save or create jobs for people who don’t use air pressure gauges to keep the tires on their cash-for-clunkers car properly inflated, requiring them to buy more gas than they otherwise would at $3.84 a gallon and thereby reducing their disposable income and causing them not to buy consumer products, resulting in slower GDP growth that can only be jumpstarted by another round of stimulus spending so the economy won’t go into a double-dip recession that would result in layoffs and a higher unemployment rate than we had even after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that everyone knows was George Bush’s fault.

Economics is hard.

Time for a reality check?


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It was all a clever anti-espionage ploy!

Yes, really!

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