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An Unidentified Epidemic

Noone is reporting on this but there seems to be a massive epidemic on our city streets even as we speak.  At least twould appear to be so here in ChicagoLand.  Nearly every time I’m out driving, I see the evidence:  turn signals failing to function when people are turning!  image Yes, time and again, someone in front of me, or turning in front of me, does so without a moment’s warning from those little blinking lights the car manufacturers go to great lengths to install on the left and right sides of our automobiles.  Now, I feel it just can’t be because other people are just being boarishly rude and self-centered, nattering away on their cell phones while driving so that they don’t have a hand to push the little turn signal lever thingy when the need arises (especially those cars with the Obama stickers still on their backsides).  Therefore, my brilliant mind can only deduce that there must be an epidemic of broken turn signals!  Sadly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seems to be oblivious to this potential cause of traffic fatalities.

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