Yes, it’s that bad…

A category of issues we generally follow here is the dismal state of public edjamacation.  I recently found a comically sad example of some of the problem on a site I sometimes visit at the end of the day,  (One caveat:  the site’s author frequently posts jokes that could be considered offensive by some, including yours truly.  In most cases he tags them as such so the reader is forewarned and may choose to skip said page.  Thus, I do not endorse all the examples of humor found there.)  Below are portions of a recent post, the title of which tells it all.  Read it and weep for the state of our young!  (Frighteningly, these are future voters!)

The Problem With Social Networks

"Social Networks" like Facebook are booming — especially Facebook. There’s only one problem with them: to communicate there, members pretty much have to write. How can that be a problem? After all, all of us learned to write in school, right? Well, no! And here are some real life examples.


Facebook post: board
Rachel: "I’m board."
Jeff: "I’m chalk, we should get together."
Rachel: "BOARD! Like I don’t have anything to do, not BORD, like a chalkbord. Learn to spellcheck."
Jeff: "Oh god I hope you don’t breed."


Facebook post: aloud
Abigale to Darcy: "You shouldn’t be aloud to talk."
Darcy: "You shouldn’t be allowed to spell."


Facebook post: sueing
Post: "Never leave facebook open. Sueing _______ for defaming my character."
Reply: "You did not spell ‘suing’ correctly and you’re in law school so I think you just defamed your own character."


Facebook post: inteligences
Alexa: "seriously?"
Cory: "ya why ?"
Alexa: "overpower* intelligence*"
Cory: "WUT? CUZ I DIDNT PUT SPACES . are u stupid"


Facebook post: fail worse
Poster: "when is the point when you no that you cant fail worse?"
Reply: "When you realize you spelled ‘know’ incorrectly."

And here’s why this happens:
Facebook post: honer roll
Alyssa: "honer roll now with mostly a’s and 1 b hopping for princapals honer roll next time :-)" Lee: "Just curious, does your school give spelling tests?"
Alyssa: "nope y?"

That, and:
Facebook post: teacher
Post: "….thank you Massachusetts for making it impossible for me becoming a teacher. Stupid a** MTELs"
Reply: "’For me becoming a teacher.’ I suspect Massachusetts has its reasons."
Poster: "for anyone to become a teacher. the tests are rediculous."
Reply: "Rediculous? You sure they are not greeniculous?"
Poster: "ha. =) its just a test that is suppose to test you on your reading and writing….but its over stupid topics like chocolate and mexican landmarks."

Yeah. That.

  1. 19 May 2011 at 4:58 AM

    Well if it weren’t so darned funny I would be crying, Interface. As always, you are spot on and leaving us wanting more. BTW, if you aren’t aware I am now here at WP. Would like you to drop by when you have a chance at mrsalsplace and leave your address here for others, or I will post your link if you prefer.

  2. 19 May 2011 at 10:14 PM

    I will indeed stop by soon. And nice avatar!

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