Points to Ponder

Insight courtesy of the Patriot Post, with emphases by the Interface.


He said it, not me – President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

As the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues. Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget. By lowering tax rates, by increasing jobs and income, we can expand tax revenues and finally bring our budget into balance.


Flowing from a significantly more reality-based worldview than that of liberals/progressives/useful idiots, author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982) said:

A society that robs an individual of the product of his effort, or enslaves him, or attempts to limit the freedom of his mind, or compels him to act against his own rational judgment … is not, strictly speaking, a society, but a mob held together by institutionalized gang-rule.

OK, sorry, Ms. Rand’s quote is all emphasized, but it is so good and so true!

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