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The Trump Card Indeed

My mother recently asked me what I thought of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.  My response is generally negative, but now two posts in particular by individuals I highly respect deserve careful attention and reading, and provide an objective evaluation of the man’s record that should be cause for alarm and ultimate rejection of this “sideshow.”

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

First is the investigative reporting of Michelle Malkin, who unravels the alleged “business experience” of The Donald here.  In Ms. Malkin’s own words…

…he’s no more a standard-bearer of conservative values, limited government and constitutional principles than the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

The fundamental reason for this assertion is given in multiple links to multiple examples of the problem.  For example:

Too many mega-developers like Trump have achieved success by using and abusing the government’s ability to commandeer private property for purported “public use.” Invoking the Fifth Amendment takings clause, real estate moguls, parking garage builders, mall developers and sports palace architects have colluded with elected officials to pull off legalized theft in the name of reducing “blight.” Under eminent domain, the definition of “public purpose” has been stretched like Silly Putty to cover everything from roads and bridges to high-end retail stores, baseball stadiums and casinos.

While casting himself as America’s new constitutional savior, Trump has shown reckless disregard for fundamental private property rights.

Read the whole article with its links and ask yourself, is this really a conservative???

In a more strategic vein, Thomas Sowell writes in today’s column about the danger Donald Trump presents to any Republican hope to remove The One from office in 2012.  Dr. Sowell first asks why Donald Trump is creating such a stir.  His answer:

What Trump has that so many other Republicans are so painfully lacking is the ability and the willingness to articulate his positions clearly, forcefully and in plain English.

In this he shares a characteristic of Sarah Palin who electrified the Republicans in 2008 (regardless of what you thought of her running partner).  Unfortunately, the substance behind the clarity is, as noted in both these posts, neither conservative nor presidential.  To quote more of Dr. Sowell’s wisdom (emphases added):

Donald Trump is dangerous in at least two senses. If, by some tragic miracle, he should become the Republicans’ candidate for president in 2012, that would be the closest thing to an iron-clad guarantee of a second term in the White House for Barack Obama.

That would be a huge setback for the Republicans– and, far more important– a historic catastrophe for this country.

What seems more likely is that Donald Trump as a candidate for the Republican nomination would use his superior articulation skills– not to mention brash irresponsibility– to trash all the other Republican candidates for that nomination, leaving them damaged goods in the eyes of the public, and therefore less able to gather the votes needed to prevent the reelection of Obama.

Why Republicans seem not to understand the crucial importance of putting the same time and attention into articulating their positions as the Democrats do is one of the enduring mysteries of American politics.

Again, read the whole thing.  Dr. Sowell’s concluding paragraph should send shivers down your spine if you are a true conservative:

Barack Obama’s declining support in public opinion polls make some conservatives feel that his reelection hopes are doomed. But Donald Trump can be Barack Obama’s secret weapon in his fight to remain in the White House. The Donald can be his Trump card.

One more item to reflect upon regarding this individual: 


What was it that Thomas Jefferson said about the price of freedom?  Something about requiring Eternal Vigilance?


(Image and quote from FamousQuotesAbout.com)

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