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Individual liberty cannot survive a republic of dunces

In the conclusion to my series on Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death, all the way back in March 2007, I wrote (emphasis in the original):

Perhaps the primary result of this massive paradigm shift in mental processing has been to leave us vulnerable to the infection of those who wish to conquer and/or control us. There are two enemies we currently face, one a long term internal nemesis and one a shorter term external invader, that make this a vital issue. Both aid, abet, and utilize this vulnerability, albeit, not necessarily consciously; all too often, they are simply in the categories of "useful idiots," although the "knowledgeable strategist" exists as well.

The external enemy is the Islamofascist threat currently creeping across the globe in a savage imperialist drive unequaled in human history. The horrors of Nazi Germany, lasting about a decade, pale in comparison to the centuries of oppression and blood on the hands of the practitioners of the Muslim faith, however much they may protest, murder nuns, and burn churches to the contrary.  Yet, I would argue that, were we intellectually capable as a society, this threat could easily be defended against and defeated because a minimal level of cognitive prowess allows one to recognize and prevent the spiritual, cultural, and moral corruption that undermines such defense efforts.  Logical and rational self defense mechanisms, and, when necessary, strategies for offensive action, are currently being ignored and/or vociferously opposed and sabotaged because of the efficacy of our internal enemy and the success of his strategies.

This internal enemy is the liberal, leftist, socialist, Marxist-Leninist, whether or not he calls himself that, recognizes himself as that, or knowingly embraces that ideology. He is here, he is not asleep, and he has infected many with his suicidal multicultural worldview. Initially this enemy had an external focal point in the communist Soviet Union, but by the time that collective fell, the disease had sufficiently disseminated throughout our institutions that the focal point was no longer needed.  The infection can continue its undermining of all with which it comes in contact. I would argue that it is the internal enemy that needs to be addressed first and foremost if we are to survive as a nation (although the external one cannot be ignored either).

In his recent Washington Examiner column, Mark Tapscott brings to our attention recent statistics that give some explanation for the current administration existence, and the disastrous policies being foisted upon us.  They are in notable harmony with what I wrote four  years ago (emphases added).

Consider what happened recently when the Intercollegiate Studies Institute gave a 60-question civic literacy test to more than 28,000 college students:

"Less than half knew about federalism, judicial review, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and NATO. And this was a multiple-choice test, with the answers staring them right in the face," said political scientist Richard Brake, co-chairman of ISI’s Civic Literacy Board.

He further notes:

Even the smart kids at Harvard failed the test, scoring on average 69, which is a D. Since the vast majority of the students tested are products of public schools, the results represent a comprehensive indictment of public education, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

These are the people who year after year graduate classes in which one of every four kids cannot read at even a basic level. If you can’t read the Constitution, or the Declaration, or The Federalist Papers, you won’t understand their essential concepts or why they represent so much wisdom.



Is this diminution of knowledge an intentional goal of our education establishment?  Note the last paragraph of my first quote above regarding the internal enemy, note that leftists form a majority of that education establishment, and then consider that in light of Mr. Tapscott’s concluding paragraph:

But a generation that is not taught to recognize the irreconcilable differences represented by the Declaration of Independence and the Communist Manifesto, between Madison and Marx, the Federalist Papers and Rules for Radicals is doomed to be ruled, not to rule.

Individual liberty will not long survive in a republic of civic dunces.

What was it Benjamin Franklin said when asked what form of government had been created for the Thirteen Colonies?

A Conservative Primer, Part 1

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