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The Vacuity of “Earth Hour”

The very concept of “Earth Hour” is an sterling example of “Stupidity on Display.”  It accomplishes nothing but to soothe the misguided conscience of progressives who mistakenly think it makes a difference.  The objective data to support such a conclusion is decisively lacking.  But this year, perhaps the most effective indictment of “Earth Hour” came from Ross McKitrick, Economics professor, writing in the Vancouver Sun with some historical facts the Earth Hour proponents don’t want you thinking about (emphases added):

I abhor Earth Hour. Abundant, cheap electricity has been the greatest source of human liberation in the 20th century. Every material social advance in the 20th century depended on the proliferation of inexpensive and reliable electricity. Giving women the freedom to work outside the home depended on the availability of electrical appliances that free up time from domestic chores. Getting children out of menial labor and into schools depended on the same thing, as well as the ability to provide safe indoor lighting for reading.

Development and provision of modern health care without electricity is absolutely impossible. The expansion of our food supply, and the promotion of hygiene and nutrition, depended on being able to irrigate fields, cook and refrigerate foods, and have a steady indoor supply of hot water. Many of the world’s poor suffer brutal environmental conditions in their own homes because of the necessity of cooking over indoor fires that burn twigs and dung. This causes local deforestation and the proliferation of smoke- and parasite-related lung diseases. Anyone who wants to see local conditions improve in the third world should realize the importance of access to cheap electricity from fossil-fuel based power generating stations. After all, that’s how the west developed.

The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead I celebrate it and all that it has provided for humanity. Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness. By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it becomes an hour devoted to anti-humanism. It encourages the sanctimonious gesture of turning off trivial appliances for a trivial amount of time, in deference to some ill-defined abstraction called “the Earth,” all the while hypocritically retaining the real benefits of continuous, reliable electricity. People who see virtue in doing without electricity should shut off their fridge, stove, microwave, computer, water heater, lights, TV and all other appliances for a month, not an hour. And pop down to the cardiac unit at the hospital and shut the power off there too.

Indeed, and Amen!

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Remember North Korea, where every day is Earth Hour!



Does he know the definition of “kinetic?”

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Um…so…what “military action” is not “kinetic?”???

Yes, It Really Is That Obvious!

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For those unfortunate not to know to what this refers…

All about definitions, you see…

It would appear that the Islamofascists are up to their old tricks, which is to say, trying to steal strategies from the liberals (maybe its vica versa?).  I reported this in even stronger language than Melanie Phillips did.  We must not let anyone change the language or redefine words like Big Brother.  Even the internet definition of “savages” includes:

  • an uncivilized human being;
  • a fierce, brutal, or cruel person; and
  • a rude, boorish person.
  • So what part of decapitating sleeping babies is civilized, or not fierce, brutal and cruel?

Savage Attack

March 20, 2011 4:21 P.M.

Melanie Phillips wrote about the quintuple murder of the Fogel family, and in the course of her observations wrote:

To the New York Times, it’s not the Arab massacre of a Jewish family which has jeopardised ‘peace prospects’ — because the Israelis will quite rightly never trust any agreement with such savages — but instead Israeli policy on building more homes, on land to which it is legally and morally entitled, which is responsible instead for making peace elusive.

I don’t see why you can’t describe men who decapitate a baby as “savages,” and I don’t see why you can’t also describe as “savages” the vastly larger number of Gazans who celebrate the decapitation of a baby by passing around candy. Conversely, if this characterization of the massacre offends you, I would be interested to read your argument as to why it’s wrong.

Instead, Inayat Bunglawala, chairman of Muslims4UK (and a man who called the blind sheikh behind the first World Trade Center bombing “courageous” and Osama bin Laden a “freedom fighter”) complained about the use of the word “savages” to the police and then to the Press Complaints Commission, which is now investigating.

Melanie will resist this attempt to shrink further the already shriveled bounds of public discourse in the United Kingdom. Whether her various editors and publishers will stand with her remains to be seen. And many other writers will simply conclude that this is one area to steer well clear of. “The lofty idea of ‘the war on racism’ is gradually turning into a hideously false ideology,” the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut said in 2005. “And this anti-racism will be for the 21st century what Communism was for the 20th century: a source of violence.”

That seems the way to bet. I would rather have a society where people are free to call others “savages” than empower the state to police them into not doing so. In Britain as elsewhere, in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity” formerly free peoples are being herded into an ever more intolerant and homogeneous conformity.

Fecklessness at the helm…

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Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

A Economics Picture Even a Liberal Can Understand…

…although I doubt he/she would get the point, or “feel” it to be right!

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