Slicing the pie

A multiplicity of reports have scoffed at Obama’s alleged budget cutting, so I will not repeat what others have done so well here.  However, the graphical display of quantitative data is something with which I am rather familiar as I make part of my living analyzing quantitative data in an attempt to extract the story behind the numbers (as some readers may be aware from past posts).  Thus I found the following pictorial description from Doug Ross particularly clarifying for those who have problems dealing with the actual numbers.  Given the stratospheric range of these numbers, that is not necessarily a slam on the intelligence of such individuals.

Mr. Ross introduces his work thus:

President Obama’s 2012 budget will be roughly $3,800,000 million ($3.8 trillion).

The anticipated 2012 budget deficit will be $1,500,000 million ($1.5 trillion). This means we are borrowing that amount from our children to fund all of the Democrats’ Utopian spending programs.

Finally, the president has proposed "tough budget cuts" that total $775 million. No, that’s not a joke.

Let’s illustrate the magnitude of Obama’s cuts.


Don’t squint too hard at your monitor screen.  The “green” of Obama’s proposed cuts is invisible at this level of magnification.  Fine.  Mr. Ross then says, let’s up the magnification 10x and zoom in.  This generates this picture taken from the top (~ 12 o’clock on the pie):


There!  You see it now?  No?  What are you, an old man/woman?  Git your magnifying glasses out!

OK, OK, Mr. Ross kindly helps us with yet another 10x enhancement, bringing the total magnification to 100x for this view:


Yes, that’s it.  That’s all The One is able to come up with, and that doesn’t even begin to describe the abysmal economic consequences of the real budget he’s proposed.  To conclude, I resurrect this little visual reminder of the situation in which we find ourselves:


Any questions?  (Oh, and for those who want to know what I think of the Republican alternative, let me just say that to date I am not impressed.)

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