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My thoughts exactly!

The inimitable Mark Steyn says it concisely and well:

Steyn on America


The "new Obama"? All I saw was a dull dissembler, inadequate to the charge history’s given him. 2009 buzz word: "Stimulus." 2011 Clinton-era revival: "Investment". Either way, it means "massive government spending". On what? "Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80 per cent of Americans access to high-speed rail"?

Good grief, how can even the hackiest of Big Government hacks read that line with a straight face? Or think it has any meaningful contribution to make to the crisis we face? "Within 25 years"? There isn’t going to be a 25 years if the spendaholics don’t stop spending, and then cut it, drastically. Instead, President Blowhard tiptoes up to the edge of bold, decisive action:

Now, most of the cuts and savings I’ve proposed only address annual domestic spending, which represents a little more than 12 percent of our budget. To make further progress, we have to stop pretending that cutting this kind of spending alone will be enough. It won’t.

And then what does he propose? Nothing. This man looked the future in the eye, and kicked the can down the road. And, even in "discretionary" spending, he wants to blow even more dough even in areas where we’re already spending more than anyone on the planet: In education, America spends more per pupil than anywhere except Luxembourg, which at least has something to show for it, and the President says it still isn’t enough.

But at least it was "civil", and Republicans and Democrats sat next to each other, and some of them wore nice bipartisan ribbons… After all, what could be nicer than holding hands as the high-speed choo-choo plunges into the multi-trillion-dollar abyss?


And of course, the cartoonists have been makin’ alot of hay out of it!

Political Cartoon



My personal favorite:




Another “good” one:




All in the labeling?  or, he who controls the language controls the debate…





  1. 27 Jan 2011 at 5:54 PM

    I always find it ironic when the American Right accuses anyone else of [setting up the destruction of] the future.

  2. 28 Jan 2011 at 7:22 AM

    Dear Futile: I took the liberty (well, it is my blog after all) of cleaning up your language for your comment. We try to keep the discussion, including comments, at a level indicative of more than two neurons sparking together, which is to say, at least out of the gutter.

    As for the content of your comment, you must have a very ironic life. The American Left, and indeed, the Global Left, lay the groundwork for so much destruction of the future with their policies that there never seems to lack fodder for such condemnations.

  3. Gray Ghost
    9 Mar 2011 at 1:56 PM

    The SS Obama is sinking fast, and ship’s captain Obama is worried about 25 years in the Future?

    I pray daily that the GOP will run a candidate for president in 2012 that promises the following:

    1. Eliminate all entitlements.

    2. Reduce the federal bureaucracy by 50%, minimum.

    3. Eliminates the present federal tax code.

    This will require a non-politician by the GOP, in other words a statesman. So far I have yet to see that candidate.

    BTW, how’s it going interface?

  4. 9 Mar 2011 at 10:46 PM

    Gray Ghost, I too am praying for a GOP candidate with the wisdom and backbone to be another Reagan.

    As for how it’s going, it is going, which is to say, never a dull moment. You can get an idea of how busy I am by the frequency with which I post, and whether or not I’m resorting to a lot of political cartoons (the more cartoons, the less time I’m finding to actually write). And occasionally you will find some somewhat personal posts here as well, which will answer that question.
    (E.g., https://theinterfaceofdataandlife.wordpress.com/2011/02/20/know-ye-not-that-there-is-a-prince-and-a-great-man-fallen-this-day-in-israel/)

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