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An Advance to the Rear?

A very interesting development in the rhetoric and posturing of the elite left in this country is highlighted for us in Victor Davis Hanson’s recent post entitled The Obamaites’ About-Face.  It is well worth the time to read, for it supports its propositions with multiple observations of the current political scene.  The last two paragraphs summarizing the situation hit with particular impact (emphases added):

An unrepresentative but quite influential intellectual elite — in the media, the universities, the arts, and government — is vested in Barack Obama, in his unpopular doctrinaire agenda, but even more so in the symbolism of his person. The result is paradoxical. For his political survival, Obama now accepts that his faith-based ideas about the environment, radical Islam, taxes, stimulus, the economy, national security, and foreign policy are not supported by any evidence in the real world. Yet he knows as well that the more he must become empirical, the more he must assure his flock of believers outside the farmhouse window that he still walks on four rather than two legs.

The wonder is not that politicians change as politics dictate, but that the most vehement leftism now accepts nonchalantly what it not long ago so ardently demonized. The oddity is not that Obama must back up after driving his country into a brick wall at the end of a dead-end street, but that as he backs up, turns around, and heads in the other direction, he can still be praised as if he had dematerialized and gone ahead right on through the wall.

And note the allusion to George Orwell’s Animal Farm at the end of the penultimate paragraph.

Truly we live in “interesting” times!

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