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The Difference a Worldview Makes

I am not necessarily a fan of Sarah Palin, but I do respect her for how she has responded to all that has transpired in her life in the last couple of years as nearly everyone on the left and even some on the right seek to disparage and denigrate her, for reasons known and unknown.  Thus, it was with some interest that I read David Jenkins’ recent comparison and contrast between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.  His section subtitles tell much of the tale, and he, of course, supplies plenty of evidence and links to the stories and incidents on which he bases his information.  He makes his case with the following categories:

Obama presents as a victim; Palin a victor.

Palin is gracious, Obama is a churl.

Obama has campaigning ability, Palin has executive ability.

Obama has more foreign affairs experience than Palin, but that’s not a plus for him.

Palin is spotless, Obama is corrupt.

Palin loves America, Obama apologizes for America.

Palin is polarizing, Obama is radioactive.

Palin is happy, Obama, not so much.

Palin’s world view is Christian; Obama’s is Marxist.

Now you may disagree with any of the above characterizations, but you do so at the peril of abandoning reality for your own bubble-world.  Read the whole post; it’s not long thanks to being able to link to the lengthier descriptions of the incidents cited.  Much of the comparison is based on incidents with which we are well aware.  The starkness of the contrast comes about by the juxtaposition Mr. Jenkins gives this data so that that contrast does, indeed, become stark.   Mr. Jenkins’ last point is the key to the character on display in these two individuals.  His summary in this last point is concise and accurate (emphasis added):

Every difference above stems from this one fundamental difference: Palin’s worldview is informed by the Bible; Obama’s view of life and the world is informed by the writings of Karl Marx and his disciple Saul Alinsky.

Yes, if Sarah Palin ends up being the 2012 GOP presidential candidate (I don’t know if I’d vote for her in the primaries…at this point I think I’d rather see someone like John Bolton…but that’s another post), I will vote for her in a heartbeat.  Her character is definitely that which I’d rather see in this country’s leader, much more, abundantly more so than that currently on display in the Oval Office.

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