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A Globaloney Warming Update

We have in the past posted listings of recent datasets and evidences pointing to the flaws, deficiencies, and fallacies of alleged anthropogenic globaloney warming (AGW).  A Thanksgiving newsletter from GreenWatchAmerica contains a recent compilation of some of the events of the past year for which they are thankful, all of which continue to show the sad state of the case for AGW here at the end of 2010.

We are thankful:

● For the Climategate Scandal, which put pressure on Pachauri and forced the organization to restructure, after flaws in the system let false claim after false claim into the IPCC report

● For the resilience of the American people, who, despite incessant indoctrination from the media and their leaders, nevertheless see right through the lies of Radical Green Agenda

● That the United Kingdom, once a safe haven for the Radical Greens, is starting to see the light

● For new skeptics, who have kept an open mind in the face of the green Propaganda, scientists and politicians alike

● That even some of the media is starting to listen to the science and not the alarmists

● That the newest, best known member of the Climate Skeptic team is Governor Chris Christie

● That the newest, best known member of the Radical Greens is Charles Manson

● That sea levels are not rising (and may be falling)

● That no South Pacific Islands will sink beneath the ocean

● That the arctic sea ice spread has stabilized from its 2007 low, and is returning to normal levels

● That Worldwide hurricane activity is down. Way down

● That common sense prevailed and the deep-water drilling moratorium was lifted

● That the Cap-And-Trade bill is dead [at least for now]

● That the Polar Bears are back!  [Not that they’d gone anywhere anyway!]

● That the ducks are getting the most out of global warming

In a later newsletter, they point us to this special report that indicates that more than 1000 international scientists dissent over man-made global warming claims and challenge UN IPCC & Gore.  So much for consensus!  The selected excerpts from this report are classic and the credentials of these scientists are impeccable (i.e., they are from disciplines relevant to the controversy and they are not from unknown and unreliable institutions; indeed, they include Nobel prize winners).

Meanwhile, winter hits the US with a vengeance.

Makes you feel all warm and cozy inside, doesn’t it?

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