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Reality Check on Sea Ice Melting

We’ve all seen or heard the hyperventilation of the Globaloney Warmists, I mean, Climate Changers, regarding the alleged melting of the ice caps at either end of this globe.  Tidal waves, tsunamis, and rising oceans notwithstanding, let us assume for argument’s sake that the ice caps do melt.  (Note:  this is a thought experiment; no polar bears were harmed in any way; anyway they would be smart enough to move to solid ground since ice does not melt instantaneously.)  Would an ice-free arctic be an unprecedented holocaust leading to the end of civilization as we know it?  Well, a recent finding would appear to put this allegation into perspective:

Recent mapping of a number of raised beach ridges on the north coast of Greenland suggests that the ice cover in the Arctic Ocean was greatly reduced some 6000-7000 years ago. The Arctic Ocean may have been periodically ice free.

Aside from the significance that this was well before the industrial revolution and therefore cannot be assigned to anthropogenic induced climate change, it may be noted that, assuming the dating is correct, we, meaning all creation, survived!

Now combine this with a recent study that has required intellectually honest scientists (yes, such exist) to revise their sea ice predictions for the Arctic by significantly increasing their sea ice-extent projections.  Translation:  the Arctic ice is not catastrophically melting.

 Political Cartoon by Chuck Asay

Finally, throw into your cogitations the recent evidence from Dutch scientists that dire projections of ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica are dramatically exaggerated and should be chopped in half.

The final conclusion?  Yes, Virginia, we need to apply for more tax payers money to study this dire situation…the dire part being that disastrous climate change may not be happening in reality, which violates our reality.

The other conclusion:  there is a reason I call this Globaloney Warming…or Globaloney Climate Change!  Now excuse me.  I have to go get some more ice for my lemonade.

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