Language Does Matter

One common liberal strategy is the usurpation of language, often at a slow enough rate that the average person won’t recognize it until it is too late.  This was one of their tools in taking over the Presbyterian Church in the early 1900’s:  using the same words as the stalwart faithful, but redefining the terms without their knowledge.  In a similar vein, replacing one word with another closely associated but subtly different word can often mask a radical change in process while shielding the liberal from criticism by allowing for the defense that “it all means the same thing!”  One such alteration was recently brought to our attention by the Illinois Review (emphases added):

Obama Moves away from ‘Freedom of Religion’ toward ‘Freedom of Worship’?

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – The change in language was barely noticeable to the average citizen but political observers are raising red flags at the use of a new term “freedom of worship” by President Obama and Secretary Clinton as a replacement for the term freedom of religion. This shift happened between the President’s speech in Cairo where he showcased America’s freedom of religion and his appearance in November at a memorial for the victims of Fort Hood, where he specifically used the term “freedom of worship.” From that point on, it has become the term of choice for the president and Clinton.

In her article for “First Things” magazine, Ashley Samelson, International Programs Director for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, stated, “To anyone who closely follows prominent discussion of religious freedom in the diplomatic and political arena, this linguistic shift is troubling:  The reason is simple. Any person of faith knows that religious exercise is about a lot more than freedom of worship. It’s about the right to dress according to one’s religious dictates, to preach openly, to evangelize, to engage in the public square. Everyone knows that religious Jews keep kosher, religious Quakers don’t go to war, and religious Muslim women wear headscarves-yet ‘freedom of worship’ would protect none of these acts of faith.”


Truly, worship is only a part of “religion,” and as accurately noted above, to be allowed to worship as one’s religion requires is only a fraction of any of the world’s religions.  The change in language is subtle, but given the track record of this administration, ominous.  But then, so is the slow elevation of temperature necessary to make fresh frog’s legs from live frog.

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