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Dancing on the Edge of the Abyss

As a general rule, our family never goes to the movie theatre.  IF there be something worth watching, we exercise self-control and wait for the movies we want to see to come out in the video stores and thus watch them for far less and in the comfort of our home…complete with cheap popcorn that doesn’t taste like styrofoam and dog nestled comfortably in one’s lap and the ability to run to get more popcorn without missing anything thanks to that wonder of modern technology, the “Pause” button.  This also allows us to critically review whether or not we want to view “the latest and greatest.”  Thus, we have not yet viewed the latest and greatest Avatar.  Yes, I know it is a thinly veiled liberal leftist tree-hugging propagandistic work of total fiction, but it also apparently has some CGI effects that are quite state of the art and very “cool,” if I may use that term.  Out of curiosity regarding the play time, I Googled “Avatar movie” to find out how much time viewing this fiction would waste.  The first link Google uncovered had the answer (2 hours 40 minutes) in the summary so I didn’t even have to open the link.  I was stunned, however, by a link half way down the page.  There I read:

The Avatar effect: Movie-goers feel depressed and even suicidal at not being able to visit utopian alien planet

Depressed and suicidal!?!??  It’s just a freakin’ movie!

The essence of “entertainment” is escapism, and engaging in “healthy” escapism includes self-control over the transition between reality and fiction, fact and fantasy.  It is the essence of sanity to know both where the boundary between fact and fantasy lies and where you are relative to that boundary, and to maintain volitional control over the travel across that boundary.  The people in the above link obviously are having problems with the location of that boundary and in their transfer back and forth from one side to the other.

Why might this be of any importance?  Well, first, as noted above and elsewhere, we all know that the most likely person to become so enamored of this movie will be a liberal enviro-wacko tree hugger.  (Note to such:  no, conservatives are not out to rape, plunder, and pillage “Mother Nature” for fun and profit despite what you saw in Avatar, and despite what your college professor told you sans evidence.  We do believe in using God’s creation for mankind’s benefit, but that must be done responsibly and with the term “stewardship” in mind as an accurate description of our efforts.)  So most likely the kind of induhvidual who will engage in this dance with insanity is a liberal of some sort.  (Yes, Piker, I am generalizing and yes, you may find exceptions on both sides; this is a probabilistic generalization.)

The irony here is that every so often liberals feel the necessity of dredging up some kind of study that allegedly proves that they and not conservatives are really so much better at dealing with reality than are those knuckle-dragging Neanderthal conservatives.  I debunked one such effort here awhile ago.  Given this liberal insecurity revealed in their need to constantly affirm their superiority, why is it that when confronted with reality, they become “depressed and suicidal?”  Who is really the better adapted to dealing with the world in which we live?

Get a grip, people!

  1. 3 May 2010 at 10:44 AM

    It’s Bush’s fault, ‘Face!

    Just hink how great the Earth would be right now, had he not ruined it in 8 short years.

  2. 3 May 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Well, I’m hinking as hard as I can! I guess I forgot that since Bush caused Katrina, he’s also responsible for how everything is just going downhill ecologically wise across the whole planet. My bad!

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