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Historical Fact, Not Jewish Lie

Back in January, 2007, I posted the following:

Late last year, the CBS’ news magazine 60 Minutes gave viewers a never before seen look into the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, Germany. Created by the Red Cross shortly after World War II, the International Tracing Service is the largest Holocaust archive in the world. On its 16 miles of shelves are 50 million documents holding the stories of 17 million victims of the Holocaust, (facts and data, Mr. Imawackjob, facts and data) including

  • The paper trail for "Frank, Annaliese Marie" as she was sent from Amsterdam to her eventual death at Bergen-Beslen. Annaliese is known today as "Anne Frank."
  • A list of 700 men and 300 women needed to work in a munitions factory in Brnenec-Brunnlitz in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The factory was owned by Oskar Schindler.
  • An April 20 "Totenbuch" [or "death book"] recording the execution of one prisoner every two minutes.

The most moving and fascinating part of 60 Minutes‘ piece is that the show invited Walter Feiden, Miki Schwartz, and Jack Rosenthal to visit Bad Arolsen. The three men are the first Holocaust survivors to enter the archive, and the Red Cross located documents for each.

One would think that the evidence would be sufficient to demonstrate the absolute falsehood of Holocaust-deniers world wide, yet man’s ability to dissociate himself from reality when he doesn’t want to believe continues unabated.  Alas, tis not a new flaw in humankind.  Sir Francis Bacon noted back in 1620:

“The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion (either as being the received opinion or as being agreeable to itself) draws all things else to support and agree with it. And though there be a greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side, yet these it either neglects and despises, or else by some distinction sets aside and rejects, in order that by this great and pernicious predetermination the authority of its former conclusions may remain inviolate.”  (Novum Organum, Book One, Aphorism XLVI)

Even this month, a Jordanian newspaper published an article entitled “The Holocaust is a Jewish Myth, Legend, and Lie.”  The only reason anyone could believe such drivel is if their cerebral contents have been converted to pablum and poured back in between their ears.  Thus, it is with glorious irony that the same month this article appears, The Auschwitz Album became available on-line for the world to see.


The Introduction:

The Auschwitz Album is the only surviving visual evidence of the process of mass murder at Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is a unique document and was donated to Yad Vashem by Lilly Jacob-Zelmanovic Meier.

The photos were taken at the end of May or beginning of June 1944, either by Ernst Hofmann or by Bernhard Walter, two SS men whose task was to take ID photos and fingerprints of the inmates (not of the Jews who were sent directly to the gas chambers). The photos show the arrival of Hungarian Jews from Carpatho-Ruthenia. Many of them came from the Berehovo Ghetto, which itself was a collecting point for Jews from several other small towns.

Early summer 1944 was the apex of the deportation of Hungarian Jewry. For this purpose a special rail line was extended from the railway station outside the camp to a ramp inside Auschwitz. Many of the photos in the album were taken on the ramp. The Jews then went through a selection process, carried out by SS doctors and wardens. Those considered fit for work were sent into the camp, where they were registered, deloused and distributed to the barracks. The rest were sent to the gas chambers. They were gassed under the guise of a harmless shower, their bodies were cremated and the ashes were strewn in a nearby swamp. The Nazis not only ruthlessly exploited the labor of those they did not kill immediately, they also looted the belongings the Jews brought with them. Even gold fillings were extracted from the mouths of the dead by a special detachment of inmates. The personal effects the Jews brought with them were sorted by inmates and stored in an area referred to by the inmates as "Canada": the ultimate land of plenty.

The photos in the album show the entire process except for the killing itself.

The purpose of the album is unclear. It was not intended for propaganda purposes, nor does it have any obvious personal use. One assumes that it was prepared as an official reference for a higher authority, as were photo albums from other concentration camps.

Lilly never hid the album and news of its existence was published many times. She was even called to present it as testimony at the Auschwitz trials in Frankfurt during the 1960s. She kept it all the years until the famous Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld visited her in 1980, and convinced her to donate the album to Yad Vashem.

In 1994 the album was restored in Yad Vashem’s conservation laboratory and information on each one of the photos was typed into the computerized databank of the archive. The staff of the archive was able to compare and match the pictures with aerial photos taken by the US Army Air Force on several occasions in 1944-45. In 1999 the entire album was scanned with the highest quality digital equipment.

There are 56 pages and 193 photos in the album. Some of the original pictures, presumably those given by Lilly to survivors who had identified relatives in the photographs, are missing. One of these pictures was recently donated to Yad Vashem.

Some “moments” in history should never be forgotten.  This is one of them.  God warned the world,

For thus says the LORD of hosts: "He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye.

(Zechariah 2:8)

Thus the Thousand Year Reich didn’t last much more than a decade.

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