Worth Dying For?

Part and parcel in today’s multicultural society is a stunning confusion when it comes to matters of defending oneself and one’s loved ones from harm.  I have already written at some length on this subject here and from the biblical perspective here.  A recent column by Mike Adams gives us one such despicable example in the form of a father who “would sooner lay my child to rest than succumb to the belief that the use of a gun for self-defense is somehow not in itself a gun crime.”  Those are his words, verbatim, and you will note he’d rather his own child die, not himself, than to use a gun in self-defense.  I agree with Dr. Adams when he says,

Morally speaking, I have no problem with anti-gun ideologues who wish to place themselves in peril by waiving their rights of self-defense. You almost have to respect someone who is willing to die for his beliefs.

But it is nothing but craven cowardice in my book to decide that others should die for his beliefs.  And speaking as a father, to be willing to sacrifice your own children on the altar of your ideology goes beyond the pale.  Dr. Adams identifies the underlying root cause in the liberal’s rationale.  The logic is simple (emphasis added):

It all goes back to ideology. Liberals refuse to believe in deterrence theory because to do so admits to the fallen nature of man. To them, man is inherently good, not evil. Moreover, he is perfectible. The liberal is willing to die to preserve his vision of himself and others. And he wants you to die for his vision, too.

So rejection of God and His revelation in the Bible creates this disconnect from reality in the liberal’s life.  This theology dictates his morality and if the theology is in error, the morality goes along for the ride.  (Oddly enough, such induhviduals usually also believe in the theory of evolution in which the survival of the fittest reigns supreme.  That “fitness” minimally requires the ability to kill in self-defense and frequently in offense.  Thus, were they consistent with their ideology, they would ensure their own extinction!  But I digress.)

In his attempts to perfect humanity, the liberal proponent of gun control ignores in typical liberal form all data that runs counter to his position.  Dr. Adams notes (emphases added):

Fortunately, we know the answer when it comes to concealed carry laws. Sixteen peer-reviewed studies show that allowing citizens to lawfully carry reduces violent crime rates. Ten peer-reviewed studies are inconclusive.  But there are, to date, no peer-reviewed studies reaching the opposite conclusion; namely that allowing citizens to lawfully carry increases violent crime rates.

The feckless multiculturalist who holds this position regarding personal self-defense will usually hold the same in the area of national defense.  Thus, in recent conflicts, their position stands as a very sharp contrast to the attitudes and actions of our military and, in multitudes of instances, the Iraqi people who have experienced tyranny and terror for decades.  Read any of the Milblogs over on my blogroll for any length of time, particularly those reporting from embeds with the military such as Michael Yon, and you will understand how a significant portion of Iraqi population just want to live their lives like you and me.  Given the obstacles they face, they have difficult choices to make of which we are all to often experientially ignorant.  David Bellavia has posted recently a must-read article about our victory in Iraq and what it means for the men and women who made it possible, and for the men and women of Iraq (HT:  BlackFive).  Mr. Bellavia observes:

What we achieved in the face of an implacable enemy, overcoming many in our own government willfully ignorant of our struggle, is what I believe to be the defining moment of my generation. The veteran today is the embodiment of what it means to be an American. Even when our valor was used for political sport, we continued to serve quietly.

This is truly without precedent.

One particularly riveting excerpt:

The bullets are flying.

My squad runs through the searing heat and forms a wall of flesh and Kevlar between the incoming fire and the citizens standing in line behind us. They’ve turned out in their finest clothes to wait for the opportunity to cast a vote. For most, this moment is a defining one in their lives. They’ve never had a voice before. This means something to them, and they have used the moment as an object lesson for their children. They appear nervous and take photos. The kids stand with them in line, viewing first hand this revolution in Iraqi civics.

As they came to line up earlier that morning, the men thanked us and clasped their hands over their heads, striking a triumphant pose. Some of the women cried. The kids were on their best behavior.

The gunfire began that afternoon. Insurgents started to shoot them. My unit ran to the road and formed a protective position between the killers and the citizens going to the polls. As we scanned the palm grove in front of us, bullets cracked and whined, then mortars start thumping around us. My squad pushed into the palm grove. I stayed on the road, overseeing their movement and coordinating the heavy fire from the Bradleys.

The firefight ebbs. The mortar fire ceases. A few last stray rounds streak past. A cry from behind causes me to turn. Lying in the road is a young Iraqi woman. I run over to help. She’s caught a round just below her temple. Her stunning beauty has been ruined forever.

She cries, “Paper! Paper” over and over until the ambulance arrives to take her away. An old lady emerges from the schoolhouse-turned voting site, sheets of blue paper in hand. She gives one to the wounded girl, who clutches it to her like a prized possession even as the ambulance carries her away.

The ballot was her voice. All she wanted was a chance to exercise it, just once, before she died.

Do you think that woman thought there was something beyond herself worth dying for?  Mr. Bellavia notes:

That young woman wanted nothing else than the chance to explore her newfound freedom. She didn’t beg for help, or plead for her life. Voting would become her final act. In that moment, she matched our own sacrifices.

Something worth dying for.  Which brings us back to our deluded liberal multiculturalist.  Shortly after the Virginia Tech shootings, Mark Steyn wrote (emphases added):

The ‘gun-free zone’ fraud isn’t just about banning firearms or even a symptom of academia’s distaste for an entire sensibility of which the Second Amendment is part and parcel but part of a deeper reluctance of critical segments of our culture to engage with reality. Michelle Malkin wrote a column a few days ago connecting the prohibition against physical self-defense with ‘the erosion of intellectual self-defense,’ and the retreat of college campuses into a smothering security blanket of speech codes and ‘safe spaces’ that’s the very opposite of the principles of honest enquiry and vigorous debate on which university life was founded. And so we ‘fear guns,’ and ‘verbal violence,’ and excessively realistic swashbuckling in the varsity production of ‘The Three Musketeers.’ What kind of functioning society can emerge from such a cocoon?

My conclusion then is the same and I would say this to the above alleged father:

The reality with which such a cocoon is refusing to engage is the reality of Evil in the world, and I mean that with the capital "E." As we have had repeatedly demonstrated for us, there are those who would go so far as to kill you if you stand in the way of their goals, and indeed, there are those that will do so no matter how good and kind and pleasant and appeasing you are, just for the sheer pleasure of killing you. We may, and indeed, should, recoil in horror at the existence of such sentiments, and fortunately, such individuals are in the great minority. But to deny their existence is a denial of reality that is tantamount to suicide.

Pardon me if I decline to subscribe to such delusional self destruction.

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